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Why Choose a Vacation Home Rental in Montauk, NY?

There are endless options for deciding where to rest your head while you are on vacation. But if you are looking for the best option, there is only one choice—a vacation home rental in Montauk, NY. Why? Because vacation rentals have a more significant impact on guests thanks to their many unique benefits.

When you stay with Hither House Cottages, you are able to enjoy a true home away from home. Unlike an impersonal hotel or motel, vacation rentals create a much more welcoming atmosphere with their unique décor, furniture, and overall setting. Contact us today to schedule your next stay in one of our fantastic vacation home rentals.

The Benefits of Vacation Home Rentals

Perfect for Long-Term Stays – Vacation home rentals are the ideal option if you and your family are looking to vacation for more than a few days. That is because most rentals are much more affordable for extended stays when compared to other lodging options.

More Space – Hotel and motel rooms can end up feeling pretty cramped. In a vacation rental, you are able to enjoy an entire home for yourself. That means no more feeling cooped up between adventures.

More Privacy – Is the guest in the room next to you snoring loudly? Maybe they have decided to bring the party back home to their room? If you are staying in a hotel or a motel, then it is likely that you are going to hear all of this and more. That isn’t the case in a vacation home—you will only have to share with your family and the guests you invite.

Pet-Friendly Lodging – Many motels and hotels won’t allow you to bring your pet with you. Even those that do mean that your furry friend is going to be stuck in a small room during the day. Thanks to pet-friendly lodging in many vacation homes, you can bring your pet with you without worrying about how much space they have. Additionally, you can always take them out to the yard so they can enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation during the vacation as well.

Open year round. Book now for the seasons. For Reservations Please Contact Us at (631) 668-2714, or (631) 709-2012 or at